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Effectuer une enquête criminelle

(In French only)
Including an exercise book
Jacques Boilard
4rd edition

Number of pages 342 pages

ISBN (Print) 978-2-924038-96-3

ISBN (digital) 978-2-924038-97-0

Type of binding Glued, softcover and laminated

Dimensions 8.375 x 10.75 in

Availability June 2022

During a criminal investigation, each step is decisive, each detail counts and all the non-negligible elements requiring special attention must be methodically detailed. Completely revised and updated, this book is based on the reputation and solid experience of the author who, from practice to teaching, translates the very essence of the skills required to skillfully carry out a criminal investigation.


The reader will be able to explore in detail all aspects of the job: from taking notes to receiving a call, from going to the scene until arriving at the crime scene; from the meeting with the various individuals related to the event, to the protection of the crime scene and the attention that must be given to it, from the use of the required resources, to the investigation carried out with the neighborhood, going through the analysis of the crime, the investigation plan and the various warrants / telewarrants necessary for planning a search. And this, without forgetting: the interview with the suspect(s), the writing of the report, the preparation for the court and the jurisprudential notions that it is important to master.


In addition to its information-rich content, this book includes model forms, several case-law references and many relevant resources.


This edition includes the legislative changes as amended on May 1, 2022.


Exercise book included with book purchase

Number of pages : 60 pages

ISBN (Print) : 978-2-925111-04-7

ISBN (digital) : 978-2-925111-05-4

Type of binding: Coil, Laminated soft cover

Dimensions : 8.375 x 10.75 inches


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