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Police Response Guide (FRENCH)

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Police Response Guide (FRENCH)

Jacques Boilard
3nd Edition - 2019

Number of pages 210 pages

ISBN (Print) 978-2-924038-53-6

ISBN (digital) 978-2-924038-54-3

Type of binding Soft plastic with metal spiral

Dimensions 3.5 inch (Width) x 5.5 inch (Height) x 0.5 inch (Thickness)

Availability August 2019

Upon arriving on the scene of many various events, the patrol police can now rely on this practicle and complete response guide.

Having to react in different situations, the police officer must be aware about the total importance linked to any of his response occurring in his career. An improper approach can quickly compromised the police security, as well as the citizen's one and then considerably burdening the investigation follow-up. By using this guide the police officer insures himself of acting adequately and strictly.

Experts who will then assume the responsibility of the file will work on a greatly simplified task due to the skilfully investigation started by the patrol police.

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