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Canadian Police Powers and Duties

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Canadian Police Powers and Duties

Patrick Lavallée & Mike Novakowski
1st Edition - 2016
Canadian Legislation (English Version)

Number of pages 170 pages

ISBN 978-2-924038-10-9

ISBN (digital) 978-2-924038-11-6

Type of binding Coil, Laminated soft cover

Availability 2016 edition

Sometimes unknown, sometimes improperly applied - but often contested - powers and duties are the cornerstone of most police operations. A good understanding of powers and duties is crucial in the work of a peace officer.


This book aims to provide help to those who wish to master the powers and duties of a peace officer. It will be of interest to future police officers as well as those currently serving as well as lawyers or any other person who wants to thoroughly understand the powers and duties of a peace officer.

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