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Transport des matières dangereuses (French)

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Transport des matières dangereuses (French)

Federal and provincial regulation
Les Éditions S.R.

Number of pages 700 pages

ISBN (Print) 978-2-922533-10-1

ISBN (digital) 978-2-924038-31-4

Type of binding Binder

Availability Always

Initially created for the needs of the SAAQ, this manual contains parts 1 through 16, the list of products (Annex 1), particular provisions (Annex 2) in French, not to mention the alphabetical index (Annex 3) presented in French and English. A user-friendly volume that’s simple to consult.

The reference manual in the field.
*Update charged per unit at a cost of $ 45. According to the legislative changes.

95.00 $