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Code de la sécurité routière Analytique (French)

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Code de la sécurité routière Analytique (French)

Gaéten Ménard, Esq.
Code de la sécurité routière
(c. C-24.2)
with jurisprudence and update service

Number of pages 982 pages

ISBN 978-2-922533-29-3

ISBN (digital) 978-2-924038-39-0

Type of binding Binder

Availability Always

The Code de la sécurité routière analytique allows you to keep on-hand a volume containing jurisprudence, laws, and regulations following the modifications integrated therein. With its update service, you’ll automatically obtain the changes in effect throughout the year as needed.

The analytical CSR distinguishes itself through finely detailed and catalogued case law. In addition, you’ll find footnotes on penalties, penal provisions, corresponding infraction codes, types of vehicles targeted, as well as attributable demerit points linked to infractions. Over 800 jurisprudence cases are included.

A unique volume with lots to offer.

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